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Steve Loori

Get Lasik. Steve Loori was born in Castle Rock, Maine to second generation Croatian and Slovakian immigrants, respectively. Multiple familial relocations saw him move through school systems in Baton Rouge, Quebec, Mechanicsburg, and most notably, Brick, New Jersey. Though his time has been spent in varied locales across North America, he has always found himself comfortable at a movie theatre. His love of cinema developed alongside his love of writing, spurred on by his dumbfounded discovery of John Grisham’s The Rainmaker at the tender age of twelve. As his Grisham fan fiction started to fall off, Steve found solace in an old friend, the silver screen. Working as a part-time chef at Johnny Rocket’s in the Freehold Mall, Steve found time to see as many motion pictures as he could at AMC Loews theatre. Countless nights of burgers and popcorn did not help his arteries, however, and Steve found himself in need of a triple bypass. While recovering in the hospital, Steve took to the internet, getting an Associate’s Degree from the University of Phoenix. His newfound respect for higher education was not the only positive outcome from his time on leave from Johnny Rocket’s though, as while staying in the hospital, Steve met a young nurse named Christian who seemed to share his knack for clever wordplay and cinematic integrity. Together, these two chaps plan to set the world on fire – first with this website and then with the re-installation of southern Texas to its proper home in Mexico.

When he’s not watching movies, writing, or flipping burgers, Steve is a semi-competitive diver and swimmer, and father of two daschund puppies, Tyler and Perry.

Christian Treubig

Get Lasik. Homemaker.